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AUGUST : Beech Trees at 'Lovehearts'

Beech Tree Towards the Church

Beech Trees View from Lovehearts

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At the edge of the long woodlands on Bakewell's eastern hillside, above the golf-course, is a small outcrop locally named Lovehearts (presumably because of the number of romantic hearts carved on tree trunks in the area). Here stand some grand Beech Trees - The rounded canopy of the branches filtering sunlight onto the grey trunks and arched branches create a magical atmosphere and it is a serene and beautiful place in which to hold hands!

Beech LeavesThese woodlands are a mainly deciduous planting that is a delight throughout the seasons. The beginning and middle of the Victorian era saw the creation of woodlands on the local estates and Beech, along with Sycamore, was introduced on a large scale at this time. They are generally called Manners Woods after the Dukes of Rutland (family name Manners) who owned them, and much of Bakewell, until the 1920's. A founder of the Golf Club Mr. V.R. Cockerton owned Ball Cross Wood and to commemorate him this was later given to the town.

On the opposite side of the valley is the church and, coincidentally, east on the other edge of the wood are what little remains of the iron age Ball Cross Fort.

The trees have a strong quiet vigour in the landscape. They stand as eastern sentinels, with a wonderful view over the valley - Their gentle familiar presence refreshes the spirit of those that glance up from the town or across the valley.

Sketch MapNick Wilson wrote in our Guestbook recently that he remembers it being a place of good luck:

"The finest trees in Bakewell Would have to be the 2 magnificent Beeches at the top of the golf course. Legend has it that if place your hand into the fork of the tree your wishes will be granted. Regards, Nick Wilson, Jakarta, Indonesia. Formerly of Granby Croft."

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