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Each month we featured a special place occupied by Trees in Bakewell, with pictures, history and local information. Scroll down to see more monthly places.

SEPTEMBER : Hawthorn Trees in Grant's Field Quarry

Hawthorn Tree A nearby Ash

Larger trees surround the quarry Towards the Church

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There is a peaceful hillside on the west of Bakewell loved and used by the local residents as a place to stroll on warm summer evenings or sledge down on snowy winter days. It is a joy at all times of the year.

Hawthorn LeavesHowever, looking across the valley from Lovehearts (August place of the month) in the late 1890's you would have seen a large white area scratched onto the hillside with men, horses and carts moving around and heard the clanging hammers from a nearby smithy. Mr. Bamford, the field's owner, ran a thriving quarry business here, for there was much building development and road making in the town at that time.

Nowadays we walk along grassy paths mown through the lush grass and join the cows and sheep as they lazily graze. Weathered exposed limestone rocks and Hawthorn, one of the first trees to light the way on waste ground, occupy the space. Their twisted and gnarled trunks suggest great age yet they are still young. They greet the spring with frothy white blossom and their red autumn berries - haws - feed the birds.

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