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Each month we featured a special place occupied by Trees in Bakewell, with pictures, history and local information. Scroll down to see more monthly places.

MARCH : The Hollies of North Church Street

Towards the town center Interesting Trunks

Around the corner Towards the church

Shillouette Sunlight

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Holly LeavesOver 30 crows wheel up and over the town, gliding in spirals, floating on the warm breeze. A little different to yesterday when the wind was gusting at 60 mph, dead tree branches crashed down shattering as they hit the solid earth and we all listened anxiously for slates being torn off our roofs. March roars in like a lion.

The close-trimmed giant skull cap shapes of the trees hardly seem concerned by the weather. The snowdrops look battered and hang close to the grass, but the sunny yellow daffodils, having hesitated in the colder periods, now break through their fat buds.

Eternal evergreens, the hollies stand outside the North churchyard wall, in a small triangle of grass, opposite the Lady Chapel. Across the entrance path is Chantry House. This was originally The Chantry of Our Lady - being one of two in Bakewell.

The holly was regarded as a protection against lightning in time past. However, a couple of years ago the church was struck by lightning - it came down the conductor on the North side of the church and blew out the telephones in the local area. And the snowdrop? That is whispered to have been a snowflake that became a flower to console Adam and Eve after they were sent out of Eden. And we all love a big cheerful bunch of daffodils to brighten our homes - just as well, as a single bloom is said to be unlucky!

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