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Each month we featured a special place occupied by Trees in Bakewell, with pictures, history and local information. Scroll down to see more monthly places.

APRIL : Holme Bridge Grove

Over the bridge Towards the road Packhorse bridge

Spring Catkins By the river's edge Green carpet

River Weir River

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Spring CatkinsEight TrunksSince 4am birds have sung, rousing the earth from moonlit slumber. At 6.15 a golden red-rimmed globe appears over Manners Woods, the distant hillside blue in an early morning haze. Dreamily, daytime energy flows along the river, a thin mist veil rising off the water. Butterbur and celandine stir as the dew frost melts and yellow pollen on a young willow feels the warmth of the Spring dawn.

Cascading over the weir and under the bridge, the Wye refreshes bankside alder and elder, greeting the eight trunks of the Bridge guardian as it heads towards the wakening town.

Here, two hundred years ago, laden horses clip-clopped along, now hikers start their morning walk to Hassop and families feed bread to the fish. But, for a short while, mallard laze at the river's edge and all is still by the packhorse bridge.

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