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Each month we featured a special place occupied by Trees in Bakewell, with pictures, history and local information. Scroll down to see more monthly places.

JUNE : Vines over Diamond Court Path

Under the canopy Climbing Rose Branches

Around the corner Quiet moment


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Vine LeavesJune, the month of the Long Days. The sun shines warmer and everyone senses it is time to relax. In a welcoming quieter area of Bakewell, the bustle of friendly companionship and the chink of cups and glasses sounds through the air. This is a convivial meeting place where festoons of vine hug their supporting wires across the gap in the buildings. Youthful soft leaves sprout from gnarled branches and prolific white grapes already hang in tight bunches.

Roger Green who owned Val Verde, the Italian restaurant here, nurtured this vine for many years. Now Treeline, who have an art gallery as well as craft shop and café, continue to care for it.

Walking under the vine is a pleasure at all times of year, but especially in the heat of summer. With the accompanying tubs of bushes and plants - including foxgloves - and the red rose ambling over the wall, this is Bakewell alfresco.

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